About us

Rooms with character, a 700-year-old cellar, traditional tavern, salon and street café – for every guest the right place. Visit and try our specialties from traditional Czech and international cuisine, or enjoy a coffee outside, but don‘t leave without trying the famous Czech Pilsner Urquell beer. U Glaubiců restaurant is an ideal place for all events.

Tracing its foundations back 700 years, Malostranské nám. 266/5 or “U Glaubiců” has a long history of public and political life in Prague. The building is located beside St. Nicholas church just off the “Royal Way” and close to Charles Bridge. The ideal location, the excellent water quality and the large, cool Romanesque cellars prompted Brewmaster Lukáš to establish a brewery and open a “beer hall” in 1520. In 1665, Prague mayor Bartoloměj Glaubic z Bučiny purchased the building and U Glaubiců was founded. Through the centuries, U Glaubiců became a Prague institution where the public, politicians and nobility would meet. All went well until the second half of the 20th century, when the structure gradually fell into disrepair, forcing U Glaubiců to close in 1984.

But traditional restaurants never die and U Glaubiců was renovated to become a restaurant of the highest international standards. It was reopened by the Mayor of Prague Jan Koukal in May of 1998.