Czech Cuisine

Czech cuisine has a centuries-old tradition. The basis is old popular cooking and home-grown ingredients. Imaginative meals are produced from seemingly simple ingredients, and these dishes can only be found in Czech cuisine. There are relatively few Czech restaurants in the rest of the world because the food preparation is often demanding, but the ones that exist are very popular and frequently visited.

027_uglaubicu-300x200At the start of the Czech menu is an inexhaustible variety of soups, from meat broths through vegetable soups to quintessentially Czech ones, such dried mushroom soup. Sauces are a phenomenon of Czech cuisine. Roast or stewed meat covered with a tasty sauce, usually creamy or softened with milk or butter and complimented with seasonings, makes a typical main course. Beef with tomato or dill sauce or sirloin steak with cream should not be missing from any menu.

Czech knedliky (dumplings) are an absolutely unique side dish. Our national cuisine could not manage without bread or potato dumplings. Potatoes are another crucial component of the Czech diet. You can find a large number of dishes in Czech cooking where potatoes are one of the main ingredients: such as potato pancakes and potato griddle cakes.

Classic Czech deserts are an essential part of the typical menu; little potato dumplings with poppy-seeds, fruit dumplings, apple strudel and other deserts round off the menu in true gourmet style.

026_uglaubicu-300x200The Czechs played an important role in the history of beer production. The beginnings of our brewing industry are closely tied with the town of Plzen, where Plzensky Prazdroj (Pilsner Urquell) was first brewed in 1842. The quality of this beer was assured thanks to the soft water which can only be found in Plzen. Along with the beer itself, Bohemian hops and Moravian barley have become popular all over the world, where they try to produce equally outstanding beer. Brewing has a centuries-old tradition in Bohemia, and many breweries still brew their original beers today. One of the oldest breweries in the country is Regent Brewery, founded in 1379 by the Rozmberk family.

003_uglaubicu-300x200This brewery has always used only the traditional methods of production. Staropramen also uses the traditional production process, that is, open fermentation tanks and oak barrels for the beer to mature in. Lovers of beer say that only these methods give beer the correct characteristic properties. Every visitor to the Czech Republic can choose from an inexhaustible range of different beers: light, dark and special beers. Every lover of beer will surely find a favorite.

Selection of classical Czech dishes from our menu

South Bohemian cream-of-potato soup with mushrooms
A Prague Classic

Main dishes:
Roast duck on braised red cabbage,
served with two kinds of Bohemian dumplings
Roast knuckle of pork,
served with Bohemian potato dumplings and braised white cabbage and bacon
Beef Goulash with Bohemian bread dumplings
Roast pork in a classic beer-based sauce,
served with Bohemian potato and bread dumplings and braised white cabbage with bacon

Side dishes:
Bohemian potato dumplings
Bohemian bread dumplings